As people all over the United States celebrate National Burrito Day there is a new question that is challenging our brains. Is a burrito considered a wrap and is a wrap sandwich considered a burrito?

Here is the definition of a burrito, from

a flour tortilla rolled or folded around a filling (as of meat, beans, and cheese)

Here is the definition of a wrap, from the same website:

a thin flat piece of bread that is rolled around a filling (as of meat, fish, or vegetables)

Taking a quick poll on WRRV's Facebook and Instagram, also lead us to find that people are pretty passionate about their responses. Those who defended burrito as its own type of food item, were pretty set to say that the burrito has to have some sort of a Hispanic food flair to it as well. Those who did believe that a wrap could be considered a burrito said that the only see it as a outside 'shell' of tortilla that surrounds tasty ingredients.

Well. Here' is to getting more tasty ingredients for all, regardless of what you might call ti.

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