Frustrated Hudson Valley diners have taken to Golden Corral's Facebook page after learning the restaurant has cancelled yet another grand opening scheduled for January 15.

What's going on with Golden Corral in Poughkeepsie? That's what many diners are asking after the restaurant's newest grand opening date has come and gone without any explanation on their Facebook page.

Fans of the buffet style restaurant chain have been told the location on Route 9 in Poughkeepsie would open in September. But that date was moved back several times until landing on December 31. The New Year's Eve opening date was also eventually cancelled after problems surfaced with the building's gas line.

January 15 was supposed to be the final grand opening date, but that has once again been canceled. The Poughkeepsie Journal is reporting that the date has now been moved to January 27, but some customers aren't buying it.

Hellooooooooo when will u open??? The people want to know!! Hollluuurrrrr!!

On the restaurant's official Facebook page there have been no announcements or explanations for the constant delays, but visitors have been sharing their displeasure and frustration.

Duane Boppers wrote "They changed opening date 6 times already no response from them when u ask questions if this is how they treat there customers I will pass." Andrew McGee has been counting the days until he can get his buffet on. He wrote on Saturday, "6 different opening day changes and still waiting."  Denise Lanza is also a potential customer who seems confused by the unannounced postponements. She writes "Hellooooooooo when will u open??? The people want to know!! Hollluuurrrrr!!"

Facebook user, Mulin Zhang, has been writing about his excitement for the restaurant's opening since the last postponement. For him, the excitement has turned into frustration;

Just heard that they are postponing the opening yet once again. They say the new opening date is Jan 27th, 2017(or maybe 3017?). I get a gut feeling that date will be further postponed. No matter when you ask, they are always 15 days away from the opening.

Those hoping to visit Golden Corral today are out of luck, but there's still hope that the chain will open on January 27. All we can do now is keep our fingers crossed.