Ah, so you have to clean out your moms, or your aunts, or your in-laws basement? Did you find one of these 'gems' hiding among all of the boxes of 'their treasures?'

What do you do when you find one of these things, you can't just put it in the trash? Besides, if you tried, it won't fit and those suckers are really heavy.

Where and how can you get rid of an old TV in New York State?

An old TV with a monochrome

Well, because this is New York, there are local rules and regulations about putting these bad boys in the trash, not to mention the environmental issues that an old TV set can cause.

So where can you take a TV to get rid of it or recycle it?

Old Time TV
Photo by Bruna Araujo on Unsplash

First thing, call a TV repair place, see if they can use the old set for parts. These TV's are old and no one is making parts for them. You might even get more lucky and the repair shop will pick the TV up.

Need to get rid of that Old TV Today?

Photo by Diego González on Unsplash
Photo by Diego González on Unsplash

Your next choice should be call your local recycling center, but be prepared for them to say no, or to say, yes they will take it, but it will cost you, $10-$25. The other great option for you, if you have time, is to see if your local county is doing a waste disposal day. Most will do one of these drop-off days a couple of times a year, yes there is usually a fee for it, but it will be just a few dollars and you can bring more things, like old chemicals and paint, in addition to the tv sets.

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