We keep hearing about how the crime in New York City is getting out of control. When almost everyone has a camera at all times we can see it with our own eyes.

The streets of New York City can be dangerous. Not just when it comes to violent criminals committing assaults and robbers but the cars can make it dangerous as well.

It turns out the city sidewalks can be just as bad for similar reasons and it's terrifying.

It's crazy to think just how unsafe someone can make the roads. Having no regard for human life or the property around you when you're behind the wheel of 3,000 lbs of steel is a dangerous combination.

This video is absolutely insane even by New York City's standards.

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The video appears to show a driver avoid and fleas from police officers. Since the road is blocked they run off of the road and blow through a restaurant's outdoor patio. The driver then takes out a street sign. No one appeared to be hurt in the video.

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