In my continuing saga to find Christmas gifts for people who are either hard to buy for or who have everything. I have been looking for unique ideas, things that once gifted will get a rousing happy exclamation of joy from the recipient, or at least maybe a text message "thank you".

Please don't think that I am running from store to store looking for these unique items. My method of "gift discovery" usually has been, what is coming up in my Facebook feed or in the case of today's item, what shows up in my email.

I am known for my love of all things food, different types, different combinations, even just trying something that I haven't tried before, I am into it. So it will probably not surprise you that I am on the email list of several craft butchers. Nope, not a vegetarian, nothing against it, but it is not for me.

So when I opened my most recent email from Fleishers Craft Butchery in Kingston, I instantly knew that I would be able to cross two more people off my Christmas list. The email contained information on their new 'DIY Beef Jerky Kit'. This is awesome. My jerky lovers will be able to make their own and hopefully, I will get to sample some of their efforts. This is known as the gift that gives twice.

Do you have a DIY Jerky Kit? How has your beef jerky turned out?