This week Brandi has come across a guy in Oklahoma City who could be the one for her. The next Brandi's Future Husband. This guy caught her eye, because of one major common food favorite that the two of them share. Beef Jerky.

Brandi is a huge fan of beef jerky, even going out of her way every time she is in Las Vegas to make a trip to the Beef Jerky store. (Yes, there is such a thing, check out the link).

This gem of a guy took Brandi's love of Beef Jerky to another level when he went into an Oklahoma City convenience mart and left with $400 worth of jerky. Unfortunately, he forgot to pay for it and police are looking for him.

When he gets things cleared up with the cops Brandi would like to go over some ideas she has for wine pairings to go with all of that Beef Jerky.

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