Disclaimer before you read on: Really think about the problem before you start taking things apart. But if it looks like something you should be able to do check YouTube before you call a Hudson Valley handyman.

So today I broke the shower thingy in my bathtub. Yes, I said thingy because I actually have no clue what you call it. It is the pull thingy on the faucet in the tub that makes the water stop running out of the spout and instead sends it up to run out of the showerhead.

It's broken now what?

It was a crazy moment because I actually didn't understand what had happened at first. Once I realized what I had done I noticed that there were all these bits of things laying around in the tub that's when it dawned on me that I had just broken the shower thingy. The correct term is Tub Spout Diverter, I learned that watching the YouTube video that helped me fix my shower.

That's right, me with my limited abilities to do anything remotely handy around my house actually fixed my shower this morning with the help of a YouTube video. It seemed like a simple fix after all there were only five parts. The problem was I had to learn where they went in order to rebuild the diverter. That is where YouTube came in handy.

Someone once told me you can find anything on YouTube and they were right. I search "fix shower pull knob thingy on tub" and I got videos right away. The problem I had was most of the videos I found seems to require tools and things I didn't have until I found the video below which went through a lot of information I didn't need but in the end did the trick.

I have to admit I am pretty proud and amazed that I was able to do this job on my own. The key to my success was the video and the fact that none of the parts I needed ran down the drain.

So for now the shower thingy works again - fingers crossed.

And if you do need to hire a handy man here are some ways to save money so you will have enough to pay him or her.

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