Last week we found out that some people plan to send their Valentine pickle bouquets, while others are going crazy for v-day themed cheese - if those aren't really your style, but you also don't want to spend all your cash on a flower delivery, check this out.

Walmart launched a whole line of candy arrangements that you can send your sweetie this holiday season, Reese's, KitKat, Ferrero Rocher, Twizzlers and so on,  but I say why pay all that money when you can do a little DIY at home.  Just grab a bunch of your Valentine's favorite candies, get some wooden skewers and one of those foam craft pieces, some glue, ribbon and a vase, and boom, hand crafted candy bouquet.

How do I know how easy this is, well, a few years ago when I was planning my wedding I saw a post on Pinterest (naturally) about a 'bro-quet' - something you create and deliver to your groom on the morning of your wedding.  So, I had to make one!  I did candy, snacks, little booze nips and stuff for all the groomsmen and had one of my girls deliver it.  I made mine in a pint glass instead of a vase, get creative if you need to!

If you are struggling for a v-day gift idea, and know that you'll score major bonus points for a DIY project, this might just be the perfect plan for you.