Are man caves and she sheds things that we just talk about or does everyone have a space all to themselves?

Everyone needs some sort of personal sanctuary, right? It doesn't matter whether you call it a man cave, she shed, nest, fortress, nook or a den everyone needs a place to call their own in their house. If you're fortunate enough to have you're own room when you're younger, solitude is a privilege that's hard to give up. As you get older and enter different living situations you need to adapt to share a space with others whether it's a roommate or a significant other.

According to the Hudson Valley Post, an illegal man cave was spotted in an secret room that was part of Grand Central Terminal. The room was equipped with a mini fridge, flat screen television and even a futon. Three MTA workers were suspended without pay after the discovery.

Though I can't condone the actions of these workers I have to admit that I certainly understand it.

Who wouldn't want a secret spot to themselves where they can relax free of interruptions and responsibilities? I don't have a man cave. I guess I have a den. The only spot I have to myself is my computer desk in the guest bedroom. It's hardly a man cave but it's all I have.

Do you have your own space? What do you keep there? Where is it? Is it at your home? Hopefully, it's not illegally hidden at your workplace.


Photos Show Secret Illegal 'Man Cave' At Grand Central