Times are a-changing, huh?

We're learning to adapt to the fact that technology is taking over. Cell phones are literally little pocket computers, who needs a real phone anymore?

Well, one Hudson Valley middle school is asking parents to take some time and teach their kids a thing or two about the old-school way of doing things.

An email recently went out to parents of students at Todd Middle School in the Spackenkill School District. A parent sent us a screenshot of  the email, which is a picture of a regular office phone, with the following written on the photo:

Please do your part in helping your children by teaching them how to us a regular telephone. If your student needs to contact you, they can use the student phone in the main office. We have instructions on how to use the phone posted near the phone, yet your students are still having some trouble.

The email goes on to say that the main office has a tendency to be pretty busy and they "don't often have time to assist your child with the telephone multiple times."


To be fair, making a regular call from an office can be a bit confusing. Sometimes you have to dial 9, plus the pound sign (kids may recognize this as a "hashtag"), and then the area code.

This past fall it was announced that a mandatory change with the FCC requires all 845 and 914 areas codes to dial the area code while making local calls in that area code.

Just how kids are teaching adults how to TikTok, we need to do our part to teach them how to use a regular phone.

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