There are many who feel it is still too early to be talking about Christmas decorating. But others might be eager to get their trees and lights up as soon as possible as we count down the weeks until the big day. With the COVID lockdowns last year, many were stuck at home and opted to get those trees and lights up earlier than usual. But even the most joyful of holiday lovers have to admit; it takes a lot of time and effort to drag all those decorations out from the attic or basement and make your house look like it's ready for Santa's arrival.

But now, there could be a helpful solution that will save you time so you can shop, work from home, or just complain all day while you're drinking.

Whether your holiday display is fairly simple, or you go all out like you're Clark Griswold planning on draining your city block's power supply, there's a quick and easy way to get your decorations up. In fact, it will take zero time. Just don't ever take any of your decorations down. Yes, leave those suckers up year-round. Sure it's a bit of a bold approach, and it could make you and your family a bit of a curiosity in your neighborhood. But think of all the time and effort you won't have to exhaust, dealing with missing Nativity pieces, lights, and displays that don't work, or an old plastic tree that looks like it's ready to keel over and die.

Do you have any neighbors that leave their lights up all year? Perhaps you are that neighbor? Do you take it a step further and actually take the time to turn your outside lights lining your windows or bushes on in the middle of June? Yes, you might have to leave your pride at the door. There could a stigma attached to people who do this. But we're talking about convenience here, right?. Share your stories.

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