Winter weather is pretty much a fact (or should I say reality?) living in the Hudson Valley. For years, I have been heading out the front door with my handy shovel, facing the challenge of clearing the driveway, the sidewalk, the steps all from the freshly fallen snow.

Snow that could be considered my evil, fluffy foe. I had heard people say that you should spray your snow shovel with non-stick spray coating, (think of the brand Pam, pan coating) but this morning, I saw a snow or winter life hack video showing a guy using WD-40 on his snow shovel.

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Keep in mind, I had already spent some time shoveling this am and winter storm Ezekiel had me out at 4 AM with heavy wet snow that was sticking to my snow shovel. I knew that when I got back to my house about noon, there was going to be more of the heavy wet white stuff (Hello... It's Winta!!) so I figured that I would give that WD-40 thing a try. HOLY COW it worked. Sorry to get so excited. I think you might be able to understand the excitement of not having those huge chunks of snow that just won't release from the snow shovel.

I am a converted believer. The only thing that would help me get over this winter weather is if someone else volunteered to come take care of my driveway and walk. Something tells me even Santa doesn't have that as a gift option this year.

Here is the video that I saw and ran home to try the WD-40 hack.

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