It may be free donut day but for one woman she may never eat the sweet treat again!

According to NBC New York it's wasn't all rainbow colored sprinkles and chocolate glazed delight for one woman earlier this week as she almost died after choking on at donut while in the security line at JFK airport. Officials say It was the quick action of a Transportation Security Administration officer who stepped in to perform CPR that saved her.

“The woman started to turn blue. She had no pulse,” said TSA Supervisory Behavior Detection Officer Glenn Davis, also a 13-year veteran volunteer fire fighter.

Davis tells NBC New York he then started chest compressions while her husband also assisted in the CPR another TSA officer called 911. Davis says it took about five minutes to revive the woman who thankfully will live to eat a donut another day. Wonder how many she chocked down today....ouch...too soon?