The Hudson Valley is recovering from one huge March snowstorm just in time for another. Hudson Valley first responders continue to put their lives on the line each time a storm like this rolls through the area. Friday's storm was particularly dangerous due to the heavy snow, some local residents are still without power.

Dramatic footage from Friday's Noreaster has surfaced showing Hyde Park's Roosevelt Fire Department responding to a to a motor vehicle accident on Route 9G. It appears as if a tree had fallen on to a white sedan and officers were working to clear the scene.

An additional vehicle from the department pulled up with the dashboard camera rolling just as a tree branch falls on a power line that crosses the road. The branches made contact with the wires and a bright white and blue spark emitted, sending everyone on site scurrying for cover. The power line was able to support the weight of the branch or this would have been a much uglier situation. Remarkably, there were no injuries in either accident.

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Bonus Video: WRRV Morning Grind