It's the first major snowfall for the Hudson Valley this winter and the community was ready for a snow day.

For the last few days, we've been monitoring reports of "significant snowfall" across the Hudson Vally for Friday morning. Hudson Valley Weather reported on Monday, January 3rd:

It initially looked as if it had the potential to be a major snowstorm. As the data became more clear, it now looks like this system will be a modest event, but considering this is primed to be our first widespread snow event of the season, it could cause some headaches for the Friday morning commute.

Schools and businesses have obviously been on high alert and watching the reports come in.

On social media, Hudson Valley native, Meteorologist Ben Noll is a popular follow for local students. Noll is known to predict school closings and delays (with fun emojis!) throughout the week. And it looks like Noll is popular with one Orange County Superintendent.

Superintendent of the Cornwall Central School District, Terry J. Dade, took to Twitter Thursday night to announce that Cornwall schools would have a snow day...but he put his own twist on it.

Dade leaned on the best boy band of all time for help with his announcement. NSYNC's classic "It's Gunna Be Me" turned into "You Got a Snow Day." The Cornwall Superintendent sings:

So when you finally, wake up from your sleep/Guess what?/ You got a snow day.

He also name-drops Ben Noll at one point and we have to admit, the song is pretty catchy. I'm guessing his students think so too. Check out his performance below:

Most schools across the Hudson Valley were closed by early Friday morning. To stay up to date with closings and delays head over to the Hudson Valley Storm Center for the latest.

We spoke to Dade early Friday morning, who told us he's not new to the snow closing song life. Last year he did the Backstreet Boys "I Want it That Way, but of course, sang "I Want a Snow Day." Maybe for the next snow day, Dade can channel the Spice Girls next time around?

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