The life and work of a New York State Trooper can change as rapidly as the weather does here in New York.  One day you might be chasing bad guys going 100 MPH, the next you could be rescuing an injured owl on the side of the road, later that day you might be helping an old lady fix a flat tire stranded on Route 9.  We appreciate and thank all of our local law enforcement, and while we may never fully comprehend what it's like to face the unknown each and every day, occasionally we can catch a glimpse of their heroics and for me anyway, it's quite eye-opening.

On October 4th, Trooper Morrissey with the New York State Police Montgomery responded to a call about a "car in the water."  When Morrissey arrived on the scene, he noticed a man in the water near the submerged car, clinging to a kayak. As the car disappeared into the abyss, Morrissey's attention turned to the man struggling to stay afloat in the dark waters.

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According to Morrissey, the man went under as well and disappeared for a minute.  With a flashlight in hand, Trooper Morrissey was able to locate the guy and jumped into the water himself to help the disoriented man back safely to shore.

Below is the released body cam video showing a few dramatic moments during the water rescue. It's a brief, but interesting peek into the world of first responders who show up to work every day having no idea what's around the corner, bend in the road, or even, in this case, the water.


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