Reports have increased once again about a potential scam in the Hudson Valley.

"It's the time of the year for those people coming out and trying to take advantage of people", posted a Hyde Park, NY resident in response to the recent news. Now the Highway Superintendent has also issued a warning about what "red flags" to watch out for.

Chiyacat via Canva
Chiyacat via Canva

Potential Driveway Paving Scam in Hyde Park, NY

"BUYER BEWARE!!", began a recent Facebook post from Hyde Park, NY Highway Superintendent Howard Fisher. "I have been getting a lot of complaints about a driveway paving company knocking on doors and being very aggressive. They have a right to try and make a living but, when they start out saying they have leftover blacktop, and it’s enough to do your driveway….Red Flag!" He continued with other possible warning signs.

Warning from Hyde Park, NY Highway Superintendent

"[If] they give you a price and hours later drop it by 2 grand… Red Flag. Also widening your driveway and not putting item 4 down… Red Flag. Telling you that you don’t need a driveway permit, when they know you do... Red Flag", Mr. Fisher said. More and more residents chimed in to share their stories.


Hyde Park, NY Community Reacts to Potential Scam

"They came to my house yesterday and told me they have enough in their truck to do my whole driveway... I told him No thank you, and he looked really mad", reported one woman. "We’ve definitely had that guy show up before. He was very pushy with me and I was very uncomfortable", said another. "Came by my house twice the past few days... they said the same thing about having enough on their truck to do our driveway", came the third report.

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Superintendent Fisher also stressed that as a government official, it was his duty to make sure local residents weren't left high and dry from a subpar company. "If you take the time and get a driveway permit I am here to help you, I will show up the day your driveway is getting done and make sure you get what you are paying for. I can also give you reputable driveway companies that will not rip you off", he offered.

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