Another new business will be coming to Eastdale Village in the Hudson Valley.

I've heard a lot of cool things about Eastdale Village in Poughkeepsie. I remember when it was being built and wondering what the heck was going in there and what it was. A lot of people enjoy going to all the spots there and Eastdale Village really has made a name for itself in the Hudson Valley.

It seems like a lot of people want to open up shop in that area and it was recently announced that something new would be coming to Eastdale Village.

What new business is coming to Eastdale Village in Poughkeepsie?

'The Learning Experience', which is an academy of early education recently announced that they will be coming to Eastdale Village. 'The Learning Experience' was founded by the Weissman Family back in 2002, they have a tremendous passion for early childhood education and provide a unique approach for child development/learning.

TLE is not new, they have providing early childhood education help for 20 years and they are very excited for this next opportunity.

What will 'The Learning Experience' look like in Eastdale Village?

According to their Facebook post, it will be a 10,000-square-foot center that will provide education for infants through pre-school.  A lot of research has come out about how important early childhood education is for young children and how it really sets the tone for their future education.

You can get more information too at

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So far, no date has been listed for the opening date for 'The Learning Experience', but we will keep you posted on it.

What else has come to Eastdale Village?

A cool New Orleans-style restaurant opened up in Eastdale Village and it seems like a really awesome spot to check out. Also, who doesn't love doughnuts? Why not get some before or after dinner? A nice spot opened up where you can get some yummy baked goods there too. Extra points for their name because it's adorable.

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