Photos of a cemetery from the 1700's where mostly children are laid to rest might be one of the most hair-raising things I have ever seen.

What is it about cemeteries that make some people uncomfortable? I'm thankful that my grandfather lived a long life. I watched him out live all of his friends in the little town where I grew up. My grandpa decided to pay his respects by doing volunteer grounds maintenance at the local cemetery. I was forced to go with him on several occasions. at first I was terrified to go but after a while it just became normal. It may sound odd but in a way I'm thankful for those experiences because I became very comfortable with the burial places.

However, there are always exceptions.

Sometimes there are cemeteries that just give me the creeps. One of those is St. Peter's Cemetery in Poughkeepsie. I had driven by it over 100 times without giving it a second glance until one day I discovered some horrific events that occurred there.

According to an article published by the New York Times, the diggers at the cemetery claim that they were taking direct orders from their supervisors to bury the parts of aborted children not in their own graves but secretly on top of freshly dug holes for the recently deceased.

There's one more cemetery to add to this list. A local photographer snagged several photos of an old Lutheran cemetery in Mahwah, New Jersey. At first it appears like just any old resting place.

The graveyard is not exclusively for kids. There are a few graves of people over 80 years old but if you look closely at all the headstones you may notice something odd about them. Almost every one of them belongs to a child.

Take a look at some haunting images of the burial site.

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