It just isn't the holidays in the Hudson Valley without this very special, and very specific to the Hudson Valley character.

We were without this 'Christmas Character' during the pandemic, missing the 2020 and 2021 holiday seasons without a visit with what many Hudson Valley'ers have made a family tradition over the years.

Thankfully, he made a triumphant return in 2022, and even introduced us to his lady egg companion, so it shouldn't be a surprise that he's back for 2023.

It's almost time for Eggbert!


Christmas On The Farm With Eggbert, 2023 Dates & Details

It's always funny trying to explain to 'outsiders' - aka - those who aren't from the Hudson Valley or who don't visit the area during the holidays, what the hype over Eggbert is, but it is simply just part of the culture in the area.

It’s a Hudson Valley thing and if you know who Eggbert is, then you know how special he is to the local community.

Devitt's Nursery has announced that Eggbert is back for 2023, along with his barnyard pals and even more interactive displays for the holiday season.

Before we know it, the Christmas trail to visit with Eggbert will open up, running from Black Friday, 11/24 through Christmas Eve, 12/24. Hours are as follows below:

  • Fridays: 3pm - 7pm
  • Saturdays: 10am - 5pm
  • Sundays: 10am - 4pm
Courtesy of Devitt's Nursery
Courtesy of Devitt's Nursery

As explained by Devitt's Nursery:

The Christmas trail weaves through our nursery. You will wander through candy land, hangout with Eggberts barnyard pals (the cutest farm animals ever), browse Eggberts garage, try your hand on the slot car track, face painting, attend the chicken show in the barnyard theater, hangout with Santa, dance with Clair in her house, grab a bite in the food court, hop on the train to send a letter to santa through Eggberts magic mailbox and so much more along the way!

This egg is so popular that he even has his own beer, Angry Eggbert IPA, and his 'companion,' Clair, has her own Clair Wine from Magnanini Winery.

Eggbert After Dark at Newburgh Brewing Company

The Eggbert fun continues for the older crowds, aka, us adults, on Tuesday December 19th when Eggbert takes his show on the road to Newburgh Brewing Company for his 'After Dark' event.

canva, devitt's nursery, Newburgh brewing company
canva, devitt's nursery, Newburgh brewing company

Making another return to the brewery for this upcoming holiday season, Eggbert is ready to chat with the adults and tell us how he's really feeling. Newburgh Brewing will be open 4-10pm with a full bar and kitchen throughout, with Eggbert sharing his thoughts from 6-8pm. Now if you were there for last year's After Dark event, you know how packed the taproom was, plan ahead for 12/19.

Tis the season!