Since Jonah is out for vacation, and because he knows that I am a big fan of this band, he is letting me make this WRRV Sessions announcement! First of all, if you're not already aware, WRRV Sessions is the best FREE alternative concert series that happens here in the Hudson Valley! Just this year alone, we've brought in artists like Papa Roach and Judah & The Lion. It's time to gear up for July's installment of WRRV Sessions happening at Newburgh Brewing Company on Wednesday, July 31st; we are presenting The Maine!!!

The Maine Playing WRRV Sessions in Newburgh, NY

Now, I will admit, I got into The Maine later than most. Honestly, I don't know how I missed them for so long since they are right up my alley, but they snuck under my radar. I did not become acquainted with them until their release of "Loved You a Little" in 2022 with Charlotte Sands, and Taking Back Sunday. That's just such an explosive song, and it has been one of their most successful songs to date!

Honestly, I have just been in love with their self-titled album that came out last year, and then the deluxe version that came out earlier this year. It has such amazing tracks like "thoughts I have while lying in bed" featuring Beach Weather, "blame," "dose no. 2," "how to exit a room," and so much more! The Maine (deluxe) is one of my favorite albums that came out of the last year. I've been blasting that alongside Fall Out Boy's So Much (for) Stardust (who they were just touring with) and Blink-182's One More Time. 

I think, by far, my favorite song off the new album is "funny how? - wedding version." It's against type for them, but it is a beautiful piano ballad. “funny how?” is a nostalgia-fueled anthem penned by lead singer John O'Callaghan to his daughter. Featuring her heartbeat at the end of the track, he promises her that he will always be there for her. This song also reflects John O’s journey from a teenager to an adult and how incredible it has been so far. He looks back on how quickly time has gone by and how it cannot last forever. With his softened vocals paired with a tender instrumental section, this song is sure to tug at the heartstrings.

First of all, no, they are not from Maine. They are from Arizona! They actually got their name from a song by the band Ivory called "Coast of Maine." And they've been around much longer than 2022 when I discovered them. My buddy Austin told me that their debut album Can't Stop Won't Stop has been one of his favorite albums of all time since it's release 2008. My college roommate Isaiah also just told me he saw them at Warped Tour! Their first Warped Tour date was right before their first album released in June of 2008, and they played Warped Tour's last year as a traveling music festival in 2018.

The Maine is from Tempe, Arizona and formed in January of 2007 when they were still in high school. Their first full-length album Can't Stop Won't Stop was released on July 8th, 2008 to incredible fan reception. With the momentum of their first release, The Maine dropped Black and White in the summer of 2010. The group consists of lead vocalist, guitarist and pianist John O'Callaghan, lead guitarist Jared Monaco, bass guitarist Garrett Nickelsen, drummer Patrick Kirch, and rhythm guitarist Kennedy Brock.

The band has experimented with numerous sub-genres throughout their 17-year run. They would be most defined as Alternative/Indie, while borrowing from Emo, Pop Punk, and even Dance/Electronic music. The group cites major influences from Third Eye BlindDeath Cab for Cutie and Ivory.

Details for WRRV Sessions with The Maine at Newburgh Brewing Company

Like always, WRRV Sessions is happening at Newburgh Brewing Company. The concert will be Wednesday, July 31st at 6pm. Doors will open at 4pm and entrance to the show is free, you just need to show the WRRV app on your phone and you're in. *Entry is first-come first-served, so show up early if you want to guarantee a spot at the show*

Check Out Val's Interview with The Maine

This is not The Maine's first appearance at WRRV Sessions. Our very own Val from Middays here on WRRV got to interview lead singer John O. back in 2021! Not only did Val get to ask fan questions to John O., but John even serenaded her! You have to see this video!

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The Maine was also featured on The Studio Cuts Podcast during the pandemic. It's definitely an interesting perspective to listen to this and transport back to that time period.

Papa Roach at WRRV Sessions May 2024

Papa Roach came to Newburgh Brewing Company in Newburgh, NY for an epic WRRV Sessions performance!

Gallery Credit: TSM Poughkeepsie

Alex from All Time Low Plays WRRV Sessions December 2023

Alex Gaskarth from All Time Low took time on his birthday to play an amazing show at Newburgh Brewing Company for WRRV Sessions

Gallery Credit: TSM Poughkeepsie

An Evening With Justin Furstenfeld at WRRV Sessions

Justin Furstenfeld returned to Newburgh Brewing Company (for the 2nd time) on Tuesday September 12th to perform for a packed house at WRRV sessions.

Thank you to Healy Brothers, Devitt's Nursery and Supply, Ballentine Communication, Dia Beacon, Walden Savings Bank, our hosts at Newburgh Brewing, and of course photographer Chuck Merrihew!

Gallery Credit: Val Turco