A deer in New York was saved just minutes from death in a New York neighborhood this week. Rescue workers said the tragedy could have been avoided all together if more attention was paid to items left unattended in the homeowner's backyard.

From upstate New York to Long Island, many New Yorker residents find themselves sharing their property with a wide variety of wild animals. While some nature run-ins are inevitable, certain steps can be taken to lower the risks of serious encounters.

A deer trapped in a soccer net in a New York back
A deer was minutes from death in a New York backyard after getting stuck in a piece of sports equipment (Strong Island Animal Rescue League via Facebook)

Deer Rescued from New York Backyard

The Strong Island Animal Rescue League recently shared a heart-pounding video of a rescue operation involving a buck in distress. The animal, which had become bloodied and lost both its antlers in its own attempt to free itself, was stuck in contraption that's very common to find at any home with young children.

A deer trapped in a soccer net in a New York backyard
A soccer net snarled a buck in Long Island, NY and needed to be saved by rescue workers (Strong Island Animal Rescue League via Facebook)

Deer Tangled in Soccer Net in New York State

"Not all rescues are textbook", began the recent post (below). "[We received a] call early this morning about a buck that was severely tangled in a soccer net, the net had snapped and broken both of his antlers and was wrapped tightly around his face cutting off his airway".

Long Island, NY Deer Saved from Soccer Net

By the time the rescue league reached the deer, it was laying immobile on the ground, seemingly either accepting its fate or just too tired to continue to fight. The league also shared that the disaster could have been avoided if the soccer net was not left unattended.

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"Please put away your nets when not in use it can save a life", the post continued.  Luckily, armed with a pair of heavy-duty scissors and a reciprocating saw, the net was able to be cut and the buck was freed. Nets are not the only item that could cause problems with local wildlife, especially with black bears.

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While local black bears have been filmed adorably playing in Hudson Valley, NY backyards with hoses, soccer balls, and even a trampoline, other items like bird feeders or unsecured trash could label your home as a food source. Even unattended and under-secured livestock like donkeys have had fatal encounters with bears in the Hudson Valley.

Bear on Campus at SUNY New Paltz NY

On Thursday (June 23, 2022) this unassuming good-size black bear wandered onto campus and decided to climb a tree. The SUNY New Paltz Police along with the NYS DEC Police monitored the situation on-site. They were able to encourage the campus visitor to return home without incident.

Gallery Credit: Paty Quyn

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