One of the most influential singer and songwriters from past few decades will be performing live in the Hudson Valley early next year.

Elvis Costello is considered one of the founding fathers of new wave music ever since his first hit the scene. Costello is an accomplished actor as well as a Grammy and MTV Award winning musician.

It's hard to believe that Costello has been preforming and writing music for 5 decades. Elvis Costello's firs album, My Aim is True came out in 1977. Costello has has years to build a fan base of all ages and he's ready to tour again. The legend has new music out now and with that he has announced a new tour which involves two stops in the Hudson Valley region of New York.

Costello will playing at UPAC in Kingston on March 2. You can get more details on how to get tickets to see him at that show here.

Hudson Valley residents get another chance to see Elvis in Port Chester at the Capitol Theatre on March 3. It will be a great two days for Elvis Costello fans of the Hudson Valley.

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