Antiquing in the Hudson Valley can be an adventure. You never know what you're going to come across at one of the many antique shops in the area.

Have you ever come across something illegal while antiquing? The DEC has!

DEC Discovers Illegal Items at Dutchess County Antique Show

The Department of Environmental Conservation shared that back on May 27th, Investigators Conway and Bastedo were taking in the sights at an antique show in Rhinebeck. Those who are passionate about antiques know all about the Barn Star's Antiques at Rhinebeck semi-annual antique show.

While walking the show at the Dutchess County Fairgrounds, the investigators discovered several illegal items. According to the press release, Investigators Conway and Bastedo "discovered numerous items made from parts of endangered animals that are illegal to sell in New York State."


These items include dozens of products made from endangered sea turtles and elephant ivory. The press release explains that the dozens of items they seized were valued somewhere near more than $100,000. The items were sized from 7 different vendors.

Antique Show Vendors Ticketed

Investigators Conway and Bastedo called ECO's Johnson and Swansen to assist in the seizures and at the end of the day they issued five "Notices of Violation" as well as 2 tickets to the companies and individuals selling the items.


In 2014, a law went into effect that  "prohibits the sale, offer for sale, purchase, trade, barter or distribution of elephant and mammoth ivory articles and rhinoceros horn, with limited exceptions." The law, according to the DEC affects anyone involved in "the sale, offer for sale, purchase, trade, barter or distribution of elephant and mammoth ivory articles and rhinoceros horn, in whole or in part, within New York."

To learn more about Ivory and Rhinoceros Horn restrictions in New York visit the DEC website.  

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