Ok, we have all been there. You are at work and you would rather be doing anything other than actually working. What do you do? Why not take a few minutes and call it a 'mental health' break? Tell the boss that your productivity will increase because you will be feeling so good after looking at these cute cats and kittens.

  • Proctatinator, Gif's that are put to appropriate music. This site probably breaks a whole lot of copyright laws, but who cares?
  • FunnyCatSite, Meme's that are based on cat photos.
  • LolCats.com, Meme's that are based on photos of cats
  • SimonsCat, multi use website that features an animated cat in short films and in games. There is also blogs from the website owner and a shopping link for cat items. Yes, this is a more than 10 minute visit to this website.
  • CatsThatLookLikeHitler.com Ok, the name of this site could be considered a bit distasteful, but I am including this because the cats are really cute.

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