What are you doing on Halloween? There aren’t many parties, trick or treating seems a little iffy, and bars are not holding big contests. Does that mean you have to sit home and not celebrate? Nope, it does not. You can head to Middletown for a scary Halloween Horrorthon. What is a Horrorthon? I thought you’d never ask.

Fair Oaks Drive-in Theater, on Bloomingburg Road in Middletown is hosting a night of fun and horror movies, featuring a very special guest. The guest is composer Alan Howarth whose work is featured in the Halloween films. The night kicks off with the concert on screen #1 at 6:15PM. The concert will be followed by Halloween, Halloween 2, Halloween 4 and Halloween 5, all being shown on screen #1. Screen # 2 will feature Monsters Inc, Beetlejuice and Clue. The podcast SUPERCREEPZ will have a booth set up selling various horror merchandise and Alan Howarth will have his merchandise table set up as well with lots of great stuff there. 

Be aware that the grill and fryer will close at the beginning of Halloween 4, which is expected to start at about 10:45PM. You will still be able to get popcorn, soda, coffee and other treats until the start of Halloween 5, which should start at about 12:15AM.

The night will also include a raffle with great items up for grabs include 2 different style Michael Myers masks signed by writer-actor-director Nick Castle, who played The Shape in Halloween & Halloween 2018. There will also be 2 masks from Halloween 3 Season of the Witch signed by writer-director Tommy Lee Wallace, and 3 additional Halloween 3 masks made by Trick Or Treat Studios. 

For all the information about the Halloween Horrorthon at fair Oaks Drive-in, including how to get your tickets, check out the Fair Oaks Drive-in facebook page.


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