When the trailer drops we will have to look for the Hudson Valley.

There has been a series in development about the popular video game franchise. We finally were given a release date.

One of the most popular video game series has been transformed into a live-action television show on Amazon Prime and they are using a local college as one of the sets. Creators of the popular video game, Fallout reportedly turned down several big-budget movie ideas. Amazon must have made a pretty good pitch because it looks like the show is coming soon.

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Fallout follows vault dwellers and their ascent back to the surface of Earth only to find that it has become a dangerous and apocalyptic wasteland.

Behind the Scenes at SUNY Ulster

Behind-the-scenes pictures have leaked online from SUNY Ulster and even abandoned ShopRite locations. Though parts were filmed in New York the series reportedly will take place in Los Angeles.

Since the news and leaks of the series people have been wondering when it would be released. Amazon just dropped some big news earlier this week. It looks like we can expect the show in April of 2024.

Are you excited for the show? It's rare when video games to become successful movies or shows. I think of disasters like Super Mario Brothers, Resident Evil and Doom. Hopefully, this will be along the lines of The Last of Us.

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