We don't have to think too far back to when we went to the grocery store and were troubled by how empty the shelves had become. During the height of the COVID 19 pandemic there were times you would go to the store and the shelves were beyond empty they were downright vacant.

Once things started to come back online that problem seemed to go away. Suddenly the items like paper towels and toilet paper that had become scarce were back in plentiful stock. Many other items were also back on the shelves for the first time. Cleaning products and plain old hand soap are back almost to pre-pandemic levels. I find you still can't get the variety there was before but a least there is soap on the shelf.

So why is it now as we head into summer other products seem to be doing a disappearing act again? Lately, I have been going to the grocery in New Paltz and even visiting various stores around Poughkeepsie and Kingston and suddenly things seem to be out of stock. There are rumors of shortages but there must be something more to why weeks go by and certain items aren't being restocked.

The items I am talking about aren't discontinued. They also still have tags on the shelves as if I just missed get the last one but it is every time I go no matter when I go. I haven't actually gone to customer service to ask but I think it may be time. I would be curious to see what they say the reason is but I suspect I know.


Many items are being repackaged to adjust costs. The manufacturer is putting less in the container so repackaging is required. Next time your pick up your favorite item that hasn't been on the shelf in a while check to see if it is in a new type of box and if the ounces have change but the price has stayed the same. The Dry dog food I feed MY dog, Racheal Ray's Nutrish has gone under a facelift and the bad came back a dollar more and down a few ounces.

woman gives her labrador retriever dog food in a feading bowl

Low Supply

Like a lot of us the Pandemic also slowed down the supply chain. There have been quite a few announcements regarding the fact that due to all the trade we do in America for goods and service, the world being shuttered has caused a back up in bringing stuff to consumers. It can be the product or even just the packaging.

Job Vacancies

Another issue with the availability of items could be due to the fact that many companies are still not back to full capacity. Just about every grocery store you visit is looking for help. And it is not just at the store itself many parts of the supply change that get products to the shelves in our grocery store are also understaffed.

My hope is that even though I might be getting less than I was a year ago for the same price I still want the brands I am loyal to and I will shop high and low to find them.

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