There Halloween decorations, and then there are Halloween decorations. A house in upstate New York recently took their holiday spirit to the next level, and got the fire department to show up at their front door for their troubles.

There's no better place to celebrate Halloween than in the northeast, especially in New York. From the legend of Sleepy Hollow to the many alleged haunted Hudson Valley properties, spooky season is the gift that keeps on giving. A family in Glens Falls, NY, however, decided to take things in a different direction.

Glens Falls Firefighters via Facebook
Glens Falls Firefighters via Facebook

Wild Halloween Decorations in Glens Falls, NY

"Tonight crews were dispatched to the area of Sanford St for a report of a confirmed structure fire", began a recent Facebook post from the Glens Falls fire department (GFFD). "To our surprise this was an amazing Halloween decoration". The video (below) shows exactly why neighbors couldn't be blamed for calling 911.

Halloween Decorations in Glens Falls, NY Sparks Call to Fire Department

The decorations, cleverly placed inside the home, provide the perfect illusion of a massive house fire. While it's not clear which (if any) Halloween film inspired the efforts, the movie-quality effects were enough to draw emergency responders to the scene. It also raises an important question about how far is too far when celebrating Halloween.

Glens Falls Firefighters via Facebook
Glens Falls Firefighters via Facebook

Community Responds to "Fire" Decorations

"Wow, that’s insane, how realistic it looks is crazy", said one comment. "I just want to know where they got the decorations so I can get them to spook my landlord", joked another. Luckily, the fire department was able to find levity in the situation as well, even helping promote the days and times that neighbors could visit the attraction.

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Glens Falls Fire Department Supports Flame Decorations

A more reserved opinion is that displays like the house in Glens Falls flirts with the often-subjective line of what is "good fun" and what poses undue stress on public resources. "Might be a good idea to notify the fire department that you're doing this so they know if they get a call for it", said one local suggestion. The GFFD wasn't swayed, however. "Thank [the homeowners] again we like these calls 😂", they responded.

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