This past Sunday afternoon (December 19, 2021) the New Paltz Fire Department was called out to a late afternoon fire. If you recall, Sunday was a sunny day, but it was also a cold one. Probably not a day any of us would want to be outside with a hose full of water. But we can always count on our Hudson Valley Fire Fighters no matter what the weather.

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The fire on Sunday was large enough to cause roads to be closed. This meant that there were emergency workers and police standing out in the cold to help keep people safe and away from the scene. Traffic had to be detoured from the area and other than some postings on social media about the fire departments being dispatched, it wasn't clear at first how bad the fire was and if all would be okay.

The Update on the New Paltz Fire

Yesterday, the New Paltz Fire Department posted a release on their Facebook page in regards to the fire from Sunday evening. It turns out, there was significant damage to the building which was a local home. Fortunately, the firefighters were able to keep the fire from the main part of the house and according to their report, the family and their pets are safe and able to return. This is great news, especially during the holidays.

All occupants of the house at the time evacuated safely and there were no injuries to firefighters, occupants or pets. Quick work of the firefighters saved the main house from being taken by fire and all occupants were allowed to return to their home. (via Facebook New Paltz Fire Department 12-20-2021)

The house happens to be on a road I travel often, so on Sunday, I was one of the people re-routed. I was pleased to see today, especially after seeing the photos shared by the fire department, that the house looks like it was spared. But this got me thinking about all those folks who helped out on Sunday.

New Paltz FD via Facebook 12-20-2021
New Paltz FD via Facebook 12-20-2021

Many Hudson Valley Fire Departments were on Hand to Help

I am thinking of how lucky we are in the Hudson Valley to have so many amazing emergency services men and women who drop everything to help us when we need it most. Remember too that a lot of these people who help are volunteers. According to the release, many folks came to the aid of this family on Sunday.

NPFD was assisted by Modena FD, Highland FD, Esopus FD, Tillson FD, NP Rescue Squad, NP Police, UC Department of Emergency Management, UC Cause and Origin Fire Investigators, Town of NP Building Dept and NPFD Auxiliary members. (via Facebook New Paltz Fire Department 12-20-2021)

How Can You Help Your Local Fire Department?

You can help in many ways. You can support their fundraisers like pancake breakfasts and chicken dinners. You can also volunteer. If you can't be a firefighter, there are lots of other ways you can help out. Stop into your local fire department and start a conversation. And one of the best ways to help is to be fire smart.

Be Fire Smart and Safe Hudson Valley

Fires can happen for so many reasons but we can also be fire smart. Your local fire department can help you make a fire plan for your family. They can also help you with things you should know about fire safety. Your insurance company can help too.

National Fire Protection Association

If you are looking for some information on winter fire safety you can also check out the National Fire Protection Association. They have a section on it on their website. they also shared this cartoon PSA which you might find entertaining and a good reminder about winter fire safety.

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