I didn't see any apple bottom jeans or his boots with the fur. I guess you wouldn't want to spill sauce on them.

It's not a surprise to anyone who lives in the area that the Hudson Valley has some of the best food. As someone who didn't grow up in the Hudson Valley, I have often wondered what makes the cuisine here so amazing here. I would guess that the Culinary Institute of America would have something to do with it. Great chefs make great food and anyone that works under them in the kitchen will probably pick up some of that skill along the way.

With so many great places to eat maybe the competition helps as well. One competitive food market around here is delicious BBQ. Several pitmasters believe they have the best barbecued and smoke food. They're all excellent in their own right.

We apparently aren't the only ones who know about the Hudson Valley's amazing food.

Another pop artist was seen at a Hudson Valley restaurant this past week. According to Brothers Barbeque's Instagram page, Flo Rida was seen hanging out at Brothers Barbecue in Cornwall.

Flo then went on to rave about his experience in a video for the restaurant's Instagram page.

There have been several celebrity sightings around the Hudson Valley lately.

A few weeks ago, Ben Stiller was spotted in Beacon and had time to pose with local police officers.

Post Malone also stopped in a bar and dined in Poughkeepsie about a month ago.

What restaurant would you recommend to a celebrity if they asked?


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