National Cookie Day is coming up and Subway is celebrating in a big way here in New York. They will be selling some big cookies.

Subway made a name for itself selling footlong sandwiches and pretty soon you can order a footlong cookie.

Where are my cookie lovers at? Who doesn't love a gooey cookie once in a while or all of the time? The only problem with a good cookie is that it's never big enough. It looks like that is about to change at select Subway restaurants next month.

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National Cookie Day at Subway


According to PRS Newsire,  National Cookie Day is on December 4 and on that day you can visit the following Subway restaurant located at 545 8 Avenue in New York City from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m. to receive a free footlong cookie when you purchase a footlong sub. The promotion will run while supplies last.

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