Sam's Club will close 63 stores across the country including four in New York State. As of now, all four Hudson Valley locations will remain open. According to Business Insider, the brand has not said how many people will lose their job.

Sam's Club CEO John Furner stated that they had expanded into some areas where the population hadn't grown as expected.  Their parent company is Walmart, who just announced an increase to an $11 starting wage to go along with improved employee benefits and potential bonuses.

CEO Furner goes on to say they expanded in areas where the population hadn't grown as expected and in other areas, stores were competing with themselves. Anyone who had paid the annual $45 membership fee will get a full refund if they're affected by a closure.

The upstate New York closures include Syracuse, Jamestown and two in Rochester. Stores in Connecticut and New Jersey are affected too. One now-closed store is in Puerto Rico, where 950 jobs have now been lost on an island already devastated by recent hurricanes.