Your doomsday stash of vacuum-sealed food and bottled water won't be complete until you stock up on a bucket of Oreo cream that weighs the size of a small child.

Forget therapy. If you're stressed, out just sit on the couch and drown your sorrows in a giant industrial-sized bucket of Oreo frosting. If you're a normal human, you are probably wondering where you can obtain such goodness.

If you have a sugar craving like King Kong, then your new favorite website should be for Rich's Food Service. They've got buckets of frosted goodness for sale in a variety of flavors like Birthday Cake, Double Rich Chocolate, Cream Cheese and of course Cookies n' Creme. The same Oreo frosting that they put on cakes and in ice cream!

If you're not a fan of ordering food online. You can obtain a select few of these flavors including Cookies n' Creme at Sam's Club stores right here in New York.

Sam's Club is proving that money can buy happiness at approximately $3 per pound.

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