The Hudson Valley is no stranger to movie stars and rock stars. Especially these days when so many shows and movies are being filmed right here in our backyards. We all know about Paul Rudd and Rhinebeck. He even owns a candy store there. And Woodstock has been home to more rock stars that we can count. But did you know that there’s a sleepy little town in Eastern Dutchess County that has been home to many stars?

The town is Millbrook, and not only have there been many stars living in and around the Millbrook area, many were known to walk around the village, shop the stores and interact with other Millbrook residents. Are you curious to find out who has lived in the Millbrook area over the last several years? Check it out.

Stars That Have Lived in Millbrook

That’s a pretty impressive list. I can’t guarantee that you’ll run into a star if you visit Millbrook, but the village is full of great stores for shopping and some fine restaurants, too.

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