The DC-verse trailers just keep on coming. Hot on the heels of Batman v. Superman, we get a look at Suicide Squad.

Much like the early response to Batman v. Superman, the response to the upcoming Suicide Squad film has been tepid at best. Perhaps the most significant point of contention has been Jared Leto's casting as The Joker. Of course, there's no way to make fans optimistic about the casting of a new Joker after Heath Ledger's iconic performance in The Dark Knight.

What people conveniently seem to forget, though, is how maligned that casting choice was by fans prior to, you know, actually seeing the movie. This first Suicide Squad trailer may not sell you 100% on Leto as the Joker, especially if your issue is with the redesign of his look, but it just might bring you a little bit closer to coming around. We won't judge if you go from absolutely against it to cautiously optimistic.