Darkside Records is holing their Vintage Valentines Indoor Flea Market and it may just be the spot to find that special someone in your life that unique gift that they deserve.

There's a lot happening tomorrow at your local record store. We are teaming up with Darkside in order to be your one-stop location for your Valentine's Day shopping. Local craft makers, artists and vintage items will be for sale by multiple vendors. The flea market takes place from 12pm-6pm.

Here's the catch. Even if you find the perfect gift you still need to get a card. It's just standard. WRRV's Hudson Valley Valentines will be for sale at the WRRV booth from 12pm-2pm.

Stop by, say hello and buy one or 10 of them. All of the proceeds will go to our Shop with a Cop Event in December. You can help get kids gifts during the holiday season.

Here is just one of several cards we will have for sale.


February 10th, 2018
Flea Market: 12p - 6p
Live Music: 6p - 9p