Summertime is fun time, and there are plenty of fun things to do right here in the Hudson Valley. In fact, starting today, there is something ultra-fun happening right here in Dutchess County. It’s the LaGrange Family Carnival, and it runs today right through Sunday.

I can still remember the excitement when we used to go to the carnival as kids. Actually, I still get a little giddy when we even just pass by a carnival. And the carnivals around here have a little something for the whole family. Maybe even a fun gambling game or two for the adults while the kids are off enjoying the rides. If you love a good carnival, get over to the Knights of Columbus LaGrange Family Carnival this week.

The LaGrange Family Carnival kicks off this evening from 6 PM - 10 PM at 126 Stringham Road in LaGrangeville, and it’s a four-night carnival! The carnival will also be Thursday evening from 6 PM - 10 PM, Friday evening from 6 PM - 11 PM, and Saturday night from 5 PM - 11 PM. And every night is wristband night. There are rides, food, games, gambling, live music every night, and a beer garden. Something for everybody in the family.

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It feels like it’s been a long time since people really felt comfortable with being out and around others, but this summer we seem to have jumped that covid hurdle. It’s nice to see carnivals, concerts, and local businesses attracting crowds of people again. The LaGrange Family Carnival is a great community event and a fun way to get back out there.

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