Puppies are great, but house training them can be a pain. It sounds like Governor Andrew Cuomo is learning that lesson now. His new dog, Captain, is four months old, and seems to have a problem going to the bathroom outside of the house.

Inside the house, though? Totally fine. Hope those carpets weren't expensive.

Cuomo joked that he thinks the dog has some kind of bowel disorder, and that it "cannot urinate or defecate if the temperature is below 68 degrees." The second it goes outside in the cold, nothing will happen. Bring him back into the warmth, and he'll pee on the rug immediately.

It's something that a lot of dog owners have had to deal with at one point or another. It's also really, really funny, and we should laugh about it very often. Do the dog owners of the Hudson Valley have any tips for the governor about how to deal with this?