Ok. I like a bargain. I like cocktails that are half price. Discounted happy hour eats. I use coupons to shop for my groceries and I have recently been loving the heck out of Groupon.com. No, this is not a paid endorsement, but Groupon if you are reading this, call me, we can discuss.

A few of the things I have procured on the site include a rain barrel, a few dinners, a few massages, I have even purchased bras from them. Don't judge. They take PayPal.

What recently caught my eye was the fact that I could get tickets to see Green Day in Hartford, CT in August, with a copy of their new album 'ala digital download, for $25. So, ticket to the show and the album for $25? I had to do it. The tickets are electronic so it will be a matter or showing the link on your smart phone.

Just a tip, when it comes to purchasing other goods or services with Groupon, take a screen shot of what you are buying or what is included in your purchase. I needed it one time at a restaurant and was glad I had it. When it comes to redeeming your purchased Groupons, you will be able to show the retailer your phone (using the Groupon app) they will input a redemption code and you are good to go.

Just remember that gratuities are not included and that you should tip on the total amount of the service, not what you paid. Do you have an amazing Groupon experience that you would like to share?