Happy “Twosday,” everyone! I feel like today is the set-up for a Hallmark movie. Today is 2-22-22, marking it a palindrome date. Not only can it be read the same both forward and backward, but it has the added fact that it is all 2’s on a Tuesday! Even more special, according to The Economic Times, today is an ambigram date, which means if you arrange the digits of today’s date, in vertical order, it would read the same upside down, as well. Now, I can already hear you saying, “But wait, technically today is 2-22-2022.” And my response is “22-02-2022!” Ha! 

According to Miriam-Webster's Dictionary, “palindrome” comes from the Greek word palindromos which meant “running back again.” Some Greeks believed palindromes to be magical or lucky, so they would carve them into walls or amulets for luck or protection. It was also seen as a reminder that sometimes in order to move forward, one must go back to the beginning. 

According to HITC, in numerology, repeated numbers are known as “master numbers” which hold strong energy. These numbers are often seen as “energy portals” when significant things happen in the universe. Numerologists believe that a palindrome date can represent a decision where both outcomes can teach people a useful lesson. Numerologist Josh Siegel said in regards to today’s significance, “The purpose of 2’s is to learn cooperation and harmony and to reestablish a point of balance.” Numerologists and astrologists say that days like these are perfect opportunities to manifest one’s goals. Get a clear target in your mind, and write it down or make a visual board. That way, you can visualize your goal and bring it into reality. 

For these reasons above, couples like to choose these dates for weddings for good luck, plus it would look good on those wedding invitations. 

Majority of the world has taken to recognize this date. Even countries that may write their dates differently than we do in the states get in on the calendar phenomenon. Since the 20th of this month, actually, all the rest of the dates of February are palindromes. 

  • 2-20-22 
  • 2-21-22 
  • 2-22-22 
  • 2-23-22 
  • 2-24-22 
  • 2-25-22 
  • 2-26-22 
  • 2-27-22 
  • 2-28-22 

The ultimate palindrome will happen three times today. One already happened at 2:22am. We can anticipate two more at 2:22pm and 10:22pm (22:22 Military time). If you feel like Bill Murray in that you are living this day over again, it’s because you kind of are. The last palindrome date was earlier this month on 2-2-22, Groundhog Day.  

According to the National Weather Service, this special “Twosday” won’t happen again until 2422. The next time we get a date where the day/month/year and month/day/year formats to align will be on 03-03-3030 (one could even throw in 3-3-33 if you disregard the full year of 2033).  


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