I know, I know.  We say it every year, is it too early for XXX holiday item to be spotted in the Hudson Valley during XXX month, but I feel like things are happening much earlier than expected, and i'm just not ready for it.

Earlier this summer, like right smack in the middle of 90* days and sticky summer nights, we found another local retailer had already made way for fall, specifically Thanksgiving themed decor, and yes, we also thought it was too soon.  Halloween candy has been on the shelves since July, and no, we will not judge if you too are guilty of having already bought, and ate, a few bags... #justsaying

So, it's no surprise that we have similar feelings about there already being Christmas related things at the grocery store.

I ran into Shop Rite the other day to grab a few things I forgot during my regular shopping trip, and as I rounded the corner to head down the dairy aisle something caught my eye....

"Oh cool, 'elf' themed peppermint mocha coffee creamer, how cute is that!"  As I opened the cooler door to take a closer look I caught myself actually saying out loud, "wait a minute, it IS holiday flavored coffee creamer, but why is it out already, it's September!?"

While i'm 100% for peppermint themed things, as I am not a fan, whatsoever, of pumpkin (yeah, I said it), tis' the season for all things pumpkin related.  Is it because 'pumpkin spice season' started a little earlier than usual at some of our favorite spots that we're already moving into the 'December holiday flavors'?  I mean, Dunkin' officially started their pumpkin season a month ago at this point, is this just how we do things now?

So, I guess the question now is, should I be putting up my Christmas tree this weekend?  No, not asking for a friend.

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