I do not think we should wait until October to be scared. Let's see if they are worth scaring your buds in October. Here are a few places that we should check out now:

  • The Shanley Hotel in Napanoch. My friend Rob has been telling me about this place for years. Allegedly there are hidden rooms and it is a former bordello. Rob and his paranormal hunters has traveled here a few times. They have the EVP monitors and all of the equipment to be able to prove even more than I ever would want too, plus it is also a hotel. Just in case you want to stay over night.
  • Old Ulster County Jail, Broadway in Kingston. So, this isn't exactly open to the public, but it was used as a jail from 1971 to 2007 and is rumored to have the ghosts walking through the hallways of prisoners who died during their stay. Not sure how anyone would be able to actually check this one out. Maybe you know someone who works here who could give you some insight?
  • Wiltwyck Cemetery, West O'Reilly Street, Kingston. So a cemetery might seem like a naturally given spot to be haunted. I looked at multiple websites that says it is, but they are unable to give concrete information as to sightings or people who actually have a story about something taking place on the property. Have you been there? Do you think that it is haunted?

Know of any place that you would like to add to the list of potentially Haunted Places in the Hudson Valley? We can add it to Part 3 which will be posted in the middle of May. Until then, Happy Hauntings!