Over the last few months we have shared with you places in the Hudson Valley that are allegedly 'haunted' or rumored to have paranormal activity. Here is one place that you might want to check out if you are brave enough to do so:

  • Blithewood Manor, Red Hook
    This 'manor' was built in 1900 by the then owner of the property, Andrew Zabriskie. The architect for the house was AJ Downing. Zabriskie allegedly had four statues commissioned to represent his daughter at different stages of her life. In the 1930's the daughter, either fell or jumped to her death from her apartment building window. She had been suffering from a nervous breakdown (according to a newspaper clipping of the event, suggesting that she had never recovered from the death of her husband). Only three of the statues remain, those depicting her early life. It is believed that the fourth statue went missing or it was never actually completed. Persons apparently believe that the daughter likes to walk through the gardens looking for her missing statue. Blithewood Manor was donated to Bard College in 1951. The manor is now the home of the Levy Economics Institute of Bard College. The building might have restricted access, but the grounds are accessible to anyone.

Do you have a suggestion for a Hudson Valley Haunted place for us to check out?