Have you found yourself in a situation where you ordered something from Amazon, need to return it, but don't have the energy to box it up, get it to the post office, or whatever?

Kohl's to the rescue, my friends.

ABC News reports that it's officially called the Amazon Returns Program, and started back in 2017 at a select 100 Kohl's locations.  I guess it was successful because as of this July, every single Kohl's location (and there's 1,150 of them in total) will be accepting eligible returns in-store.

I don't know about you, but for me personally, I never need convincing to swing by Kohl's, so knocking out 2 birds with one stone by taking care of an Amazon return too earns an A+ in my book.

ABC News also noted that

Kohl's will also begin to carry Amazon products in more than 200 stores, the company announced last month

With plenty of Hudson Valley Kohl's locations to pick from, do you think you'll be utilizing this new return service and/or looking for Amazon products on our local shelves?

Hmmm... I wonder if we can use the 30% off coupons and if Kohl's Cash will apply to Amazon orders? :)