Did you shop at the Joyce Leslie stores? The last one in the area was the one located on Route 211 in Middletown inside the Orange Plaza.

Why did yet another store have to leave Orange Plaza? It is a retail space that has fought to stay alive over the last 20 years and with Kohl's announcing last week that they will be closing 18 stores in 2016, Kohl's will not announce which stores are closing until the end of March) will the Orange Plaza be left near empty once again?

**Update Sept 18, 2017** the Orange Plaza location of Kohl's is still open. Kohl's did make the decision to close 19 stores in 2016, but the Middletown, NY location was not one of them.

Joyce Leslie not only closed the Middletown location but they closed the entire company. Yes, they were down to less than 50 stores nationwide, but this was a huge disappointment to their core customers. As of February 28, 2016 all the locations have closed.

Here is what the companies CEO, Celia Clancy had to say about the closing due to bankruptcy:

"Unfortunately, our efforts to find a strategic partner to help save the business were not successful. We are saddened to say that we now have to close our doors after 65 years. Our business has been able to thrive for so many years as a result of our loyal associates and amazing customers."

What other stores have closed that you will miss? Have you been impacted by the select Sears, K-Marts and Macy's stores that have closed? Do you miss Radio Shack?

Does anyone miss Record World? Here is a glimpse of it @1984: