Anyone ever get really frustrated over ridiculous return policies at stores?  I know I can't be alone with this one.

On Friday afternoon I had 4 stops to make on my way home from work, 2 of them included returns.  Now, i'm not going to throw the stores under the bus, but i'll tell you that they are major Rt. 9 stores, one that I shop at regularly, and the other, only occasionally.

Anyway - stop 1 included returning 2 items that I bought in store, using cash and my rewards card.  I'm fairly certain one of my cats, or my daughter, hid the receipt on me, as it was with the returns in a pile for like 3 days and mysteriously disappeared that day when I went to return (it'll show up in like 8 months in some random location).  No receipt, store credit only.  Mannnnn... even with the purchases linked to my card, less than a week ago, and the tags still on?  $50 store credit.

Stop 2 was for an item I ordered online and had delivered to the house.  I ordered some new kitchen towels but instead received a women's dress, no towels.  At the return counter I was told to call Customer Service and tell them to refund for the towels and keep the dress.  Didn't want the dress, didn't like the dress, didn't order the dress --- and still walked out the door with the dress.  You would think, for inventory reasons, they would want the item that was not purchased, but no, the sales rep told me I had to take it, she would not.

Sometimes I just can't wrap my head around store policies, but I guess such is life.  Now, what to use that $50 store credit for....