When Hellyeah first formed, they featured members of several established hard rock and metal bands. That still holds true today. But after recording five studio albums, you might think that discussions of talk of reunions with each of their former bands might have died down. Not so, says Hellyeah's Chad Gray, who admits the frustration of continued reunion discussions led to the title of their new album, Unden!able.

Speaking with Revolver, Gray explained, "As an artist—or whatever you do—you wanna be respected for your work. But even after all the records we’ve done, there’s still the stigma of Pantera and Mudvayne and everyone wanting the reunions and all this s--t, so it was like, 'Is what we’re doing not good enough?'"

He continues, "I think it was this unspoken headspace that we had going into this new record, and when I was writing the song 'Be Unden!able,' I came up with the line, 'If you’re tired of being denied, be undeniable and dot your I’s on the bottom.' And dotting your I’s on the bottom is an exclamation point. So I think the name Unden!able kind of validates what Hellyeah does."

Gray, who started his career in Mudvayne, has heard the calls for a reunion, but he's not exactly jumping at the chance to do it and wasn't happy when the band's social media posted a message stating "Mudvayne 201?" earlier this year.

"With Mudvayne, it is what it is. I’m tired of stringing people along. I still talk to the guys; we’re cool. But for many reasons, Mudvayne doesn’t exist anymore," says Gray. "Someone posted that 'Mudvayne 201?' thing online and they shouldn’t have done that because it’s f--king with Mudvayne fans emotionally, which isn’t fair. I don’t want to wind people up, but who am I to say that can never happen again? But I’m certainly not gonna say that it can."

As for his Hellyeah bandmate Vinnie Paul, who has dealt with some heavy Pantera reunion rumors over the last few years, Gray says, "Tragically, even if Vinnie wanted to, Pantera can never do a reunion. You can’t do a reunion without a member of a band. I think that people forget the emotional aspect of this: Vinnie watched his brother get tragically murdered in front of him, and what’s on their mind? They wanna see a Pantera reunion. I’m not trying to call people out as a--holes, but people are kind of a--holes. They forget that he had to live this."

So, according to Gray, it's time to table all reunion talk concerning each of Hellyeah's members former bands, but you can enjoy what Hellyeah are doing at the moment. Their Unden!able album has already yielded the singles "Human" and "I Don't Care Anymore." And you can currently look for Hellyeah on tour with dates booked into October. Here's their current itinerary.

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