A police sergeant in the region who's been experiencing recent health problems is missing. Police are asking for help and believe he "may be a danger to himself."

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Robert Byrnes, 48, is missing. Byrnes is currently a police sergeant with the Yonkers Police Department. He was last seen on Monday within the City of Yonkers but may currently be in the area of Far Rockaway Beach, Queens, the Yonkers Police Department stated while sharing information about the investigation into the missing person case.

"Robert Byrnes has been experiencing recent health problems and may potentially be a danger to himself," the Yonkers Police Department wrote on Facebook while asking the public for help in finding Byrnes.

According to the Yonkers Police Department, Byrnes is a 5'8" 140-pound white man with light brown hair and blue eyes.

The 48-year-old was last seen wearing a grey sweatshirt, a brown winter Carhartt style coat, a brown and white wool hat and khaki cargo pants, according to the Yonkers Police Department.

Anyone with information about the current whereabouts of Robert Byrnes is asked to contact the Yonkers Police Department at (914) 377-7900; emergencies dial 9-1-1. Case # 21018298.

Yonkers Police Department
Yonkers Police Department

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