Bannerman Island is a uniquely Hudson Valley experience. They could use some help raising funds to match an Environmental Protection Fund Grant so there's a fundraiser coming up.

Their goal is to continue to work to stabilize the main castle structures. The Bannerman Castle Trust has applied for the grant to add steel beams to warehouse number three and to perform concrete repairs to the interior of the structure. The project is expected to cost $450,000 and the Trust has to work to match $150,000 towards the total. They're off to a great start with $50,000 but need to continue the rest to ensure the work is done in 2019.

There is also a fundraiser on the 28th at The Howland Center featuring a Broadway revue with three Broadway actress' who are Hudson Valley residents. If you're interested in making a donation, you can visit for more information.

Did you know Bannerman has been showing movies during the summertime the past two years? What movies would you like to see next summer?

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